Hasan Dinçer

Hasan Dinçer graduated from Atatürk University Vocational School, Electrical Department in 1997. He started his career as an electrical technician at our Center in 2001. He graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Public Administration in 2010. He received the training of EPMA (Electron Probe Micro Analyzer) Device in 2006 and is still operating. He received the training on the Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) device in Japan in 2008 and was the operator of the SPS device in ITU Metallurgy Faculty for a long time. He has taken part in Obtaining the B4C-ZrB2  and B4C-TiB2  Composites by Reactive Hot Pressing and the Development of Materials and Process Technologies for Heat Shield Applications and has contributed to many master’s degrees and doctorate thesis studies.