Welcome to ATARC !

Prof.Dr. Adnan Tekin Materials Science and Production Technologies Applied Research Center (ATARC) is an integral part of one of the leading research universities in Turkey (Istanbul Technical University). ATARC maintains a long-term strategic relationship with the industry and provides science and technology through education, scientific studies, and transition to application.

The main objectives of the ATARC can be summarized as the following:

  • to overcome the difficulties faced in materials characterization in Turkey,
  • to serve in the area of materials characterization for the research projects carried out at I.T.U.,
  • to support the industrial plants by know-how.

ATARC provides a focal point for the development and transfer of new technologies, processes and equipment in a cooperative environment with industry, academia, research centers, and other public organizations. The center offers a wide range of technical expertise and services in such areas as metallurgy, chemistry, mining, geology, mineral processing, destructive & non-destructive evaluation, and more. The center occupies more than 900 sq.m. and contains laboratories, test facilities, workshops and offices; including sample preparation lab, chemical analysis lab, characterization equipment (i.e. XRD, XRF, EPMA, SIMS, ICP, micro-hardness measurement), DC magnetron sputtering and RF thin film coating (PECVD) systems, and various high temperature furnaces.